Thursday, September 20, 2012

UDL Lesson Plan #3

Tonya Avery
Colonial Life
Grade Level
2 class periods
Subject Area
Social Studies
Unit Description
Students will spot and explain economic concepts within a historical time frame?
Lesson Description
Tell students that they are going to be given a chance to go back in history on a time machine. This journey is going to take them back to Boston Harbor in 1680, but their job is to be an economic spotter. Can they spot and explain economic concepts within a historical time frame?
Name: Social Studies, Grade 5: Knowledge and skills.
Standard: 113.16b,10b
Grades: Elementary
       Economics. The student understands the basic economic patterns of early societies in the United States.
      The student is expected to identify major industries of colonial America.

      ISTE’s NETS  Creativity  and Innovation: a, b
                                     Digital Citizenship: a
                                     Technology Operations and Concepts: a,b,c,d
C                                  Communication and Collaboration: a, b, d
Alignment to UDL Principles

Affective Networks-provide multiple means of engagement. Students will work in small groups and individually.
Strategic Networks-provide multiple means of action and expression. Students must communicate orally with group and participate in class discussions.
Recognition Network-Provide multiple means of representation. Students will view video, text books and power points.
Accommodations and supports for diverse learners
Design learning experiences and utilizes assistive technology and digital tools to provide access to general curricular content to individuals with disabilities.

Blind: audio components, braille and larger visual texts
Hearing impaired: students will be give preferential seating and written instructions.
Multiple achievement levels and Disabled:  students will actively participate in group project and independent study with the assistance of aide’s, special tools, materials and additional time.
Gifted and talented: students will be engage in enrichment assignments and problem solving activities. 

Unit Goals
    Define the concept of exchange and trade.
   Find examples of economic specialization within a story
   Students will participate in technology-based activities to help explain and discuss the history of coins and contains various information regarding current and past coins while including activities about coins.
Lesson Goals
Students will take a trip back in time and spot economic concepts in a historical fiction tale. This time frame features Boston Harbor around 1680.

Anticipatory Set
KWL Chart
(What I Know, What I Want to Learn, What I Learned)
Fill in the first two columns of a KWL chart with the whole class in order to summarize what everyone currently knows about Colonial Life, and what they still want to learn. At the end of the lesson today, what the class learned will be discussed and entered on the chart.
Introduce and Model New Knowledge
In a large group, tell children that they are going to have an opportunity to step back into time.  As a support to engage students in a discussion, use picture cards, which depict the Colonial Life.
Provide Guided Practice
In this activity ask each student or pair of students to select and aspect of Colonial life, (food, clothing, transportation, shelter) and to quietly explore and figure out several difference compared to today’s life. Tell them to be prepared to return to the large group in 10 minutes to share their findings.  Resources that students can access include (internet, textbook, and supplied links
Collect information on a chart and highlight the similarities and differences between groups.

Provide Independent Practice
 Students should spend class time today, and out-of-class time studying their resources, collecting and organizing the information they have learned. and Defining Glossary terms from:

Formative/Ongoing Assessment
Go back to the Time Machine activity and review what you have learned.  Students will complete a  unit vocabulary assessment
Summative/End Of Lesson Assessment
Write a paragraph in which you tell what exchange is and what sort of exchanges took place in Boston, 1680. Tell how specialization helped people in the colonies trade with England.

Smart Board
Computer Internet  

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