Sunday, February 17, 2013

Course-Embedded Assignment Week 5 Reflection2

As I look back over this course “Digital Graphics,” I have learned the four basic design principles (C.R.A.P).  Before this course I had no previous knowledge of design principles.  Now I can analyze images and identify each design principle: contrast, repetition, proximity and alignment within an image.
Week two was a bit of a challenge to me. I am not a very creative person so the ideal of a personal logo was frightened. I see logos everywhere every day, but I never gave them a second thought. “Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others.” (Schawbel,2009).  By reading the assigned articles, I have gained a great deal of self-confidence and ability to understand the use and importance of self-branding.

Lifelong Learning Skills
The skills I have learned in this course will influence my technology abilities. I was able to exercise my collaboration skills which made the group projects an ease. I feel very confident now with Google docs and web conferences. I will use these tools throughout my technology adventures.

As a Learner
As a learner this course has giving me a wealth of information and tools to use as a technology leader. Based upon the SEG research article, “Understanding Multimedia Learning: Integrating multimedia in the K-12 classroom,” “Research has shown us that the brain processes information using two channels-visual and auditory.  When information is presented using both channels, the brain can accommodate more new information.   The knowledge that I have learned in this course will better prepare me to use more features of multimedia technologies in order to teach different skill levels of learners.

Implementation in the classroom
Implementing the use of websites into a PK-12 classroom will help students create logos, animations, and much more. Familiarizing students with different Web 2.0 tools will allow learners to brand themselves and their ideals.  Websites can be a great way to touch bases with parents and showcase classroom projects.  According to Pitler, Hubbell, Kuhn, and Malenoski (2007), multimedia in different forms can allow students to “use movies and video for instruction and as instruction”
Overall, this course has been a wonderful experience. I will be more equipped to help my co-workers and students with different media projects.  As a novice I still have a lot to learn about digital graphics but this course has opened a window of possibilities to me.

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