Sunday, September 29, 2013

EDLD 5326 Week 5 Update on Action Research Project

I have currently completed several  competencies and performance indicators. I am still revising and updating my internship plan, I have completed 95 hours. There are several Campus-supervised Internship activities that I am still in the process of completing.  I need to work with teachers and curriculum coordinators to complete the data surveys of ASD students. I have worked with the Special Education Teachers to collaborate a time management schedule. I have learned how things work from a Classroom teacher and an Administrators point of view. I have gained valuable knowledge of classroom formats and expectations based on monitoring of current educators, administrative staff, and technology leaders. I have spoken with my resource people who will assist me in accomplishing my objectives.  We have set a projected schedule to meet after Winter break.  I have learned that classroom curriculum is very full; there is very little time to implement lessons outside of the scheduled curriculum.

The implementation of this action research project has been very difficult and time consuming. I have completed most of the data collection portion of the project.  I now need to input the data and analyze it.  The surveys I have collected have been very helpful to my research.  However, as I input the data and begin to analyze it, My Action Research Plan will continue to undergo a few changes. I have compiled a list of ASD Students to monitor for the project.  This project will play an important role in the Special Education Department.  I would like to work more with educators to learn and review up to date trends on various stages of instruction.  I have not shared my findings with the research participants.  My plan is to share my progress through weekly meetings, handouts, and the use of my blog which can easily be revised and modified throughout this process. Modifications will be needed due to the time it takes to acquaint myself with the ASD students. This research could be beneficial for Curriculum and Inclusion Programs District wide.  I feel assured that my data and research will be valuable to my campus, teachers, and students.

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