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EDLD 5398 Campus Supervised Summary

Campus Supervised Summary and Validation Report

Directions: This report should summarize all Campus Supervised Internship Activities that have been completed.  You will document your activities on this form and submit the completed form in your 12th course.

·       The Internship requires a minimum of 150 campus supervised internship activities. These activities should match the candidates’ Internship Plan activities.
·       The intern must use the 38 leadership activities, located in their textbook (pages 22-65) as the starting point for these activities. There needs to be a minimum of 38 Campus- Supervised entries that encompasses the 38 leadership activities and nine competencies. *Educational Technology Leadership candidates must include the 33 ISTE Technology Performance Indicators associated with the eight Technology Facilitation Standards in addition to the 38 principal leadership activities.*
·      All columns are required for completion of form.
·       Name __Tonya Avery________     
·       Total Number of hours _______171hrs___

State Competency Standard/ISTE Technology Facilitation Standard
Skills and Experience Area/ ISTE Performance Indicator
Date Completed
Time Spent on Activity
Description of Activity
Reflection (150 words or less detailing what you have learned from this activity)
Standard 1: Technology Operations and Concepts 

I.1,I.2,I.3, II.6

(TF-I.A, TF-I.B)

August 2012
Explain strategies, ideas and tools to inclusion teachers to help support ASD students.  Also show data and information about progress and development of technology operations and concepts.  Use online books to support different learning styles with reading. . Survey participating teachers about feelings/attitudes towards Inclusion Program.

I am motivated about helping ASD students achieve and be successful in general education classrooms. The objective of this research is to identify strategies and implement technology for students who are having difficulties socially and instructionally in inclusion classrooms.  Given that if a range of tools, ideas, and disciplines are implement to increase students’ progress. I know my action research plan will be a success.
I learned how to use online books to meet the needs of my at-risk learners in reading.  

Standard 2:
Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences
I.1, II.4 II.7, II.6, I.2, I.2, I.3, I.3, II.7

TF-II.A.3, TF-II.B.1, TF-II.C.2, TF-II.D.1, TF-II.E,TF-II.F)

August -September 2012
Classify and Identify students’ strengths and weaknesses in areas of domain and abilities. Discuss possible interventions for students to improve test scores and classroom participation.
Provide a survey sheet for teachers to gage their experience with the inclusion program.
 Evaluate and compare ASD student test scores. Also reviewed surveys with teachers.
While working on my research, I learned to collect data and to listen to personal feedback from staff members.  Collaboration lets me share my action plan, discuss my findings and recommendations. There are different ways to approach my research project t. My hope is to find a way which is easy to understand and successful.  I am able to complete my research plan. I would like to learn more and apply my knowledge in the strategies for sustaining improvement
Standard 3:
Teaching Learning, and the Curriculum  Domain/Comp:
III.8, III.8, II.4, II.5

October 2013
Use plans and strategies for faculty to incorporate technology that will support the needs of students to retain and identify vocabulary words.  Introduce and help staff members use Wordle to increase student weekly vocabulary abilities.
As I meet with staff members and administrators, I will be able to explain my findings and provide data for each student that participated in my study. Also offer assistance and feedback for areas in need of additional support.
Standard 4: Assessment and Evaluation
I.3, III.8, II.4, II.5

Sept-Oct 2012
26 hrs.
Examine technology resources to gather and investigate data, to maintain budget for additional staff support, interpret results, and discuss findings to campus principal to increase student’s achievement.
I learned to share my plan of inquiry by clarifying how I collected and analyzed the quantitative student data for weekly test and 6 week benchmarks.  By means of showing the difference between inclusion and a self-contained classroom for student improvement. The research data is collected and presented in an aspect so that participants and all other readers can comprehend the material thru actual results. The basis of this study is useful and easy for others to follow.
Standard 5: Productivity and Professional Practice
I.3, I.3,II.4, II.4, II.5

October 2012/
Evaluate ASD students learning process within an inclusion classroom and a self-contained classroom. Implement additional review times for reading and math tutorials.  Also assist classroom teachers in making decisions regarding the use of technology for ASD students.

The technology specialist and I located a research based software program to help students with disabilities. This program aided students with concentration and progress in reading and math. We also found that this specific program has been very helpful because the students must master each area before continuing to the next.
I will monitor testing data and work with teachers to determine if the new software and additional support has benefited students. 
Standard 6:
Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues
I.3, I.3, I.2, I,2

August  2013
Share information found on action research with administration, and teachers.  Make recommendation based on data collected from action research. Create a Power Point presentation that includes information on internet safety, ethical use of technology.  Also present teacher surveys via SurveyMonkey.
I learned to share information with staff members during weekly meetings thru oral, written and power point presentations. Discuss possible recommendations and findings about the data I collected to increase student achievement and teacher knowledge.  I learned to analyze Information from Survey Data docs and present performance comments.
Standard 7: Procedures, Policies, Planning, and Budgeting for Technology Environments
I.1,I.3, I.3, I.1


Introduce policies and procedures for all students, staff and faculty for proper use of computers and software.

Policies and procedures are put in place for additional support since it has been shown to be effective.
Software programs, tutorials and individual instruction has been very beneficial to students and faculty because it indicates improvement in student concentration and the retention of material.
Standard 8: Leadership and Vision
I.2, II.5, II.6, II.7

August 2012-
Attend conferences and workshops with other administrators and other departments to discuss future policies, and procedure changes for increasing test scores and placement of ASD students. Also identify and talk over issues concerning changes with other students, and faculty.  Participate in professional development opportunities related to technology and ASD students.
As a leader I must assist with the development of professional staff members. In addition support instructional improvement, examine instructional resources, and evaluate programs to help address the needs of all learners. We discussed the yearly budget and if funds were allocated for the hiring of additional inclusion support staff and staff development.    Educators must continue to be lifelong learners

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