Sunday, August 19, 2012

Benefits of Action Research

This class has been very beneficial to me. I have learned a great deal about action research. The greatest understanding I have learned was the different types of action research and how it can benefit me and my students. I have learned so much about research and I will be able to use what I have learned and apply it.  The blogs, discussions, readings, videos, and web conferences have been a wonderful resource in helping me understand this course.
Assignment one intimidated me because I have never been big on research.  I was very pleased to find that reading my assigned books, watching the videos, participating in discussions and assignments.  I learned more than I could have expected. 
I was not familiar with blogs so when I found out that I had to create a blog and keep it updated, I began to get worried.  What if no one writes on my blog? I still do not feel completely comfortable with my blog, But I do feel like I am making progress. 
Developing my research plan was a lot more complicated than I realized.  It made me stop and think on a different level.    Once I finally decided on a research plan I felt better about the project.  I still have many areas to improve on. I am still a bit intimidated about action research. I would like to be able to develop better research questions, also to organize my data in a more concise way.
The discussion board provides interaction and allows me to share my thoughts with my classmates.  I have learned a lot from this class which I can apply to my professional career. 

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  1. I really enjoyed the discussion boards because it allowed me to read and view others thoughts and concerns about the topics at hand. Good Luck with your future classes.