Thursday, August 9, 2012

Possible Challenges

This week I was unable to meet with my Site Supervisor. I have made several attempts to reach her on campus. I have emailed, called and left several voice messages. I will continue to try and meet with her.

Staff Participation - This is an issue that is sometime very difficult. Many teachers are uncomfortable with strangers in their classrooms.  But If I include the staff members in the research process, maybe this will give a level of comfort.  My goal is to be welcomed and not make the teacher feel like the research subject when monitoring the ASD students.

Campus Time - I am not a teacher or associated with a district at this time. I feel I will have limited access to test scores and students. Time is an issue because teachers are very busy, and finding the time to participate will be hard.   My intention is to meet with participants weekly to outline and discuss the research progress.


  1. Staff participation is a great idea because it will make your research a little easier because there are people there that will communicate with each other because they know each and are more comfortable than a stranger. You have a great personality and I am sure what you bring to them you will be accepted as part of the team and will have great results to assist with your research project. Good Luck!

  2. Your ideas are great and I know that you are having trouble to get in contact with your principal plus not working with a district at the moment. If you haven't been employed yet, maybe you can set yourself up as a substitute. You can go to the school everyday even though you are not working as a sub. At least you will be able to see all the activities that are happening in the school, visit with any teacher that your principal allows, and you will not have to be waiting to get in contact with him/her because he/she will be able to meet with you at any time. Also, if at the last minute the school is looking for a sub, you are already there. Just a thought. I hope that you will be to get everything in order and I wish you lots of luck. =)

  3. I really admire your efforts especially tough not being with a district and being summer, also difficult to connect with a site supervisor. I can relate to some extent - both my principal and AP were replaced this summer. My new principal is wonderful, but I had challeges meeting this summer also with the transition.